Zarb-e-Azb: A quest for Azaadi

Freedom is something that we all covet. History is rife with examples showing  that the quest for freedom became a major casus belli. Perhaps, the preservation of freedom is the most vital interest of any state. I am hastily penning-down this piece on the eve of our independence day. 67 years have passed since Pakistan adorned the map of the world after a colossal yet controversial struggle. The focus of the piece is on the current impediments which mar us in fructifying our potentials. What can or should be done is something which worries one and all. However, I would not paint a morbid picture because despondency is in sin.

Pakistan and her inhabitants are typified with resiliency. The country has borne everything, from continual political instabilities to foreign incursions . Much of this is a product of our own inanities. The despair and frustration of the populace is shunned aside on this festive day, wherein one and all show their veneration and love for their motherland. When Shahid Afridi was up against R Ashwin in the famous Asia Cup clash, all Pakistanis regardless of class, religion or color were praying for the former to smash the ball over the ropes. When the wish actualized all rubbed shoulders with each other in ecstasy . But that is not enough. Bouts of unity alternate with those of open disregard.

Zarb-e-Azb should  not just be  a name of a CT MILOPS being carried by the armed forces to clear North Waziristan from the clutches of the enemies of the state. It should be a philosophy of every Pakistani.We know our  fighting and non fighting corps will clear, hold and built areas like Ghulam Khan and Miranshah at the cost of many more YOs and Jawans. But when will we  launch an operation individually ? Every Pakistani must stand up against injustices of all kinds and types. As the English saying goes that penny and penny make up many, we must stand up in unison for a better Pakistan. We must pitch-in to make this country safe for all minorities as enshrined by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Yes, we need a Zarb-e-Azb against those who kill innocent Pakistanis on the basis of their beliefs.

I hope sense dawns upon us, wherein we can start owning our follies. A realization must be there that tells that only Pakistanis can ameliorate the milieu of the length and breadth of this country. It is upon us alone to protect and propagate our vital and secondary interests. Indeed, we must not  be oblivious to the malignant intentions of foreign actors, but instead of cribbing , measures must be taken to obviate actual and potential threats. The modus operandi (MO) is plain and simple: augment all sinews of national power, to include military , economic, hard, soft and smart. Power is currency and as the likes of Waltz and Morgantheau say that it is all about national interests.

Mere slogans of Pakistan Zindabad won't do the trick; we need to  back-up choruses with actions.

Let's be proud Pakistanis.


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